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I have homework?

Firstly, I'm very happy with my friend's really my friend. While studying in the classroom, in the morning around 7 am dating teacher educators and teacher gave us teachings. At that time the condition is still fresh and fun, I along with my friends still engrossed attention pengampu teacher. As he approached the end of the first lesson, the teacher gave the task to work on worksheets chapter 1. Although the mind rather down, unlike the first time before the lesson is fresh and fun. I think "Ah, little better lah, it's just PR talaga". : D: D spirit: D
Clock second lesson, the teacher came in and we started to follow the lesson again. My mind was still focused on the lesson, and then when asked for help to answer the question that is on my worksheet managed to answer correctly. Time has passed several hours, again and again the second teacher also gives homework very much (we were told to do homework class looking at Media Photographers period). Ooooo, My mind started to add a lot of thinking about the task and duty, I muttered "OO Man, plus homework again?? ... Arrgghhh today adds 2 PR, PR yesterday but I have not kerjain. u, u must be the spirit: D  "
First break bell rings "Kringgggg .... Horrrreee ... ", I rushed to buy a drink for thirsty drought after grappling with the lessons and given extra homework. About 10 Through 10 minutes the bell rang "I've been in class again." A few minutes later the teacher came, all at once silent. Listen and pay attention to the teacher who was teaching again. When a few hours later before nearly ending teacher lessons, teachers talk "Children do homework at LKS Pages 20-22". I gaped "apaaa???" Temen simultaneously's apartment turned towards me, it was my friends also directly lethargic. Gubrraaaakkk!!!!!!!!!
Second break has arrived, I was praying and then snack in the cafeteria. After entering the last timetable, it turns out the teacher was not present. Notice of the head of the class, my friends immediately cheered in unison "Horeeee" very happy at all. Then the class president shushing my friends all because of what??? . Such teachers assign the task and should be collected that day. And the more ridiculous it again, next week replications daiharap to my friends to prepare for the quiz. I immediately sank immediately, and head langhsung tertaruh on the table and muttered "I'm dead!". PR same task today really excruciating.


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