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Benefits of Avocado Fruit

fruit trees from Central America, grows wild in the forests, many planted in the garden and in the yard tananhnya layer loose and fertile, and not waterlogged. Although be fruitful in the lowlands, but the results will be satisfactory when planted at an altitude of 200-1000 m above sea level (asl), in the tropics of the many subtropical rainfall. Small trees, 3-10 m tall, riding roots, woody stems, round, dirty brown color, much branched, smooth-haired twigs. Single leaf, stemmed from 1.5 to 5 cm in length, dirty, crowded at the end of the branch is located, round egg shape elongated ellipsoid, thick as leather, tapered tip and base, flat edge is sometimes a bit rmenggulung up, reinforced rnenyirip, 10-20 cm long, 3-10 cm wide, young leaves reddish color and hair tightly, old leaf color is green and bare. The flowers are compound interest, androgynous, arranged in panicles that came out near the end of the branch, greenish yellow. The fruit buni, spherical or oval, 5-20 cm …

Manfaat Buah Alpokat

Benefits Leaf Celery

Celery has been known since the early history of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Plants that look beautiful when planted in pots is first used as a spice in cooking. Celery was used to enrich the flavor of a dish or a broth. Bean soup and chicken porridge less complete if without a sprinkling of celery leaves in it.
These plants include vegetables are grown for purposes of treatment. Rural communities have long used celery as a medicine to lower the heat by applying collision celery to the head of a child with fever. Juice of celery that has cool properties believed to cool the head. Based on the experience of some people, the juice of celery leaves can simultaneously nourish and black hair and has no side effects.
According to the study, these plants contain: 1. Sodium which serves as a solvent to remove calcium deposits in the kidney and related joints. 2. Magnesium which serves to relieve stress. 3. Protein, sulfur, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, B1 and C. 4. Psoralen, a chemica…

Manfaat Daun Seledri

Red onion Gains regarding Treatment

Narrated through Abu Dawud inside his / her Sunan, via A'ishah that they ended up being asked around the reddish colored red onion, Aisha claimed: "For the past mealtime ingested because of the Prophet FOUND is the meal including any reddish colored red onion. inches Due to the less desired flavoring, subsequently inside the Hadith Bukhari Muslim, the actual Prophet forbade eating the idea whenever they wished to get into the actual mosque.
Elements Shallots
Shallots seluloza consist of lots of fiber-rich volatile essential oil sulfate. Additionally consist of carbs, phosphoric acid solution, vitamin supplements M in addition to D. Your purchase as follows: 8. 86% h2o, 1. 3% protein, 1% excess fat, 10. 3% carbs and also other components for instance phosphorus, calcium in addition to straightener. In each and every 100 grms of red onion there are forty eight calorie consumption.
15 Advantages of Red onion :
1. Your volatile oils found in red onion h2o handy to get rid of alm…

Benefits of soursop fruit

Below are articles of interest and needs to be tested because they do not interfere with the existing treatments and more to come in Indonesia, certainly in Batam too much.
In addition I also read articles within the English language (if you can terjemahin myself I kirimin) that essentially avoid foods that can stimulate cancer cell growth were: eat less sugar, milk, chocolate and caffeine. But avoid eating meat but more fish and vegetable juice / fruit.
Here's the article:
Soursop fruit, Cancer Killer

Soursop, the fruit from the Graviola tree is a natural killer of cancer cells that miraculously with 10,000 times more powerful than the chemo therapy. Tapikenapa we do not know?
Because one company's secret World's research findings on se-rapat2nya, they want the research funds spent very large, over the years, may return in advance plus generous benefits to make Synthetic Graviola tree as raw material for medicine and medicine djual kepasar World.

Concern, some people die…

How To Create Twitter Timeline

HiFriend,Iwant tosharehow tomakejammingTwittertimelineon your blog.Immediately,without further adoseebelow:

1.First EntryBloggerBuddies

2. ChooseLayout>>Add anewWidget>>HTML/JS 

3.FurthermoreCtrl+T/NewTab,then openyour twitter accountthatwill be includedin theblogwidget.

4.Afterlogin,will be facedwith theHomeTwitter.

5.After thatSelect Settings,Then ChooseWidget.

6.ThenCreateNew,thenWill AppearAsbelow:
7.Then setcolumnis availablethere,and clicksavechange

8.Lastembedcodelistedunder theright/ bottomofthepreview.

9.Copy and paste thiscodeintoBloggerHTML/JSearlier

Good luck..

How to Create a Twitter Follower Box

Greetingshellotomy friend all,This timeI want to discusshow to create atwitterfollowerboxon theblogger.
Perhapsthiswidgetto displayand utilizefansto addfanson the blog.Perhapsmy friend allhavedifferentopinions,and youcan callwhatremainsimportantis thetwitterwidgetbox.

Okay, justfollow the steps below:

1.First,of coursemy friendhad entered theblogger.

2.Then findthe "Layout"


4.After thatwill appearas below

Enter thecode below:

<scripttype ="text/javascript"
type ="text/javascript">fanbox_init("USERNAME")</script>

5.After thatchangethe redcoloredtextwithyour twitter usernamepal.

6.LastGreatwidget,and you're done.

So firstarticle,may be useful formy friend all.

Regards Me,


Cara Membuat Twitter Follower Box

Salam sapa untuk sobat semua, Kali ini saya ingin membahas cara membuat twitter follower box di blogger.
Mungkin widget ini bermanfaat untuk menampilkan penggemar dan memanfaatkan untuk menambah penggemar di blog. Mungkin sobat semua memiliki pendapat yang berbeda-beda, dan anda bisa menyebut apa saja yang penting masih tetap ini adalah widget twitter box.

Oke, langsung saja ikuti langkah dibawah ini:

1. Pertama, pastinya sobat sudah masuk ke blogger.

2. Kemudian cari menu "Tata Letak"

3. Oke, Lalu pilih  "Tambah widget"

4.Setelah itu akan muncul tampilan seperti dibawah ini

Masukan kode di bawah ini :
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><div

5. Setelah itu ganti teks yang berwana merah dengan username twitter sobat.

6. Terakhir Save widget itu,…

8 benefits to exercise regularly

Begin to exercise regularly, because exercise will nourish our bodies. Among these we will get a lot of advantages as below: 

1). Become more enterprising (energizes). Energy produced will exceed the needs of our activity throughout the day. Not beneficial when after you come home from work you still have enough energy to mow the lawn or cleaning the house, and so on?
2). Lowering high blood pressure. New England Journal of Medicine published an investigation which states that gymnastic fitness (aerobic) lowers the blood pressure of people with high blood pressure. Keep in mind that the treatment of high blood pressure can cause a variety of side effects. The patients of high blood pressure is often tested with a wide range of blood pressure medication, before it was found that the treatment can be tolerated side effects. Sports truly is an effective natural treatment.
3). Strengthens bones. Statistics stated one of the 2 (two) women aged over 50 will experience a fracture due …