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How to Create a Twitter Follower Box

Greetings hello to my friend all, This time I want to discuss how to create a twitter follower box on the blogger.
Perhaps this widget to display and utilize fans to add fans on the blog. Perhaps my friend all have different opinions, and you can call what remains important is the twitter widget box.

Okay, just follow the steps below:

1. First, of course my friend had entered the blogger.


2. Then find the "Layout"


3. Okay, then select "Add widget"
4. After that will appear as below

Enter the code below:

<script type = "text / javascript"
src = ""> </ script> <div
id = "twitterfanbox"> </ div> <script
type = "text / javascript"> fanbox_init ("USERNAME") </ script>

5. After that change the red colored text with your twitter username pal.

6. Last Great widget, and you're done.

So first article, may be useful for my friend all. 

Regards Me,

Fajar Alif R


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