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Benefits of Avocado Fruit

fruit trees from Central America, grows wild in the forests, many planted in the garden and in the yard tananhnya layer loose and fertile, and not waterlogged. Although be fruitful in the lowlands, but the results will be satisfactory when planted at an altitude of 200-1000 m above sea level (asl), in the tropics of the many subtropical rainfall. Small trees, 3-10 m tall, riding roots, woody stems, round, dirty brown color, much branched, smooth-haired twigs. Single leaf, stemmed from 1.5 to 5 cm in length, dirty, crowded at the end of the branch is located, round egg shape elongated ellipsoid, thick as leather, tapered tip and base, flat edge is sometimes a bit rmenggulung up, reinforced rnenyirip, 10-20 cm long, 3-10 cm wide, young leaves reddish color and hair tightly, old leaf color is green and bare. The flowers are compound interest, androgynous, arranged in panicles that came out near the end of the branch, greenish yellow. The fruit buni, spherical or oval, 5-20 cm long, green or yellow-green color, mottled purple or purple sarna once one seed, the fruit when ripe soft, green color, yellow. Seed round like a ball, 2.5 to 5 cm in diameter, reddish white piece seeds. Ripe avocado flesh is soft, fatty, usually eaten as ice mixed or made juice. oil is used among others for cosmetic purposes. Propagation by seed, grafting and how to graft.
For Sprue Disease, scabby skin moisturizing, urinary stones, headaches; High Blood (Hypertension), nerve pain (neuralgia), pain in the stomach; swollen airways (bronchial swellings), toothache,; Diabetes (diabetes mellitus), menstrual irregular.;
Utilization PART USED: Meat fruit, leaves, seeds.
PURPOSE:Meat pieces:- Sprue.- Pat the skin dry.
Leaves:- Urinary stones.- High blood pressure, headaches.- Nerve pain.- Pain in the stomach.- Swollen airways (bronchial swellings).- Irregular Menstruation.
Seeds:- Toothache.- Diabetes.
USE,.To drink: 3-6 leaves.Use of Outside: The pulp sufficiently crushed, used to mask. Leaves for local consumption, seeds finely ground into powder to relieve pain.
HOW TO USE:1. Thrush:A content of the avocado is ripe given the 2 tablespoons of honeypure, stir thoroughly and eaten. Do it every day untilrecovered.
2. Urinary stones:4 avocado leaves, 3 pieces of rhizome puzzles, 5 stalk leaf cottonwoods,half betel nut, 1 nutmeg, 3 finger palm sugar, washed andboiled in 3 cups water until remaining 2 1/4 cups.After chilling filtered and drunk. Day 3 x 3/4 cups.
3. High blood pressure:3 avocado leaves washed and brewed with 1 cup waterheat. After a cold drink as well.
4. Dry facial skin:The fruit is taken and crushed it up like mush. Serveto mask, by polishing the face dry. Advancewashed with water after the avocado mask layerdry.
5. Sick of cavities:Cavities put avocado seed powder.
6. Swelling due to inflammation:Powder from seed to taste plus a little water until adough like mush, balurkan sick body.
7. Diabetes:Baked beans over a fire and then cut into small pieces with a machete,then boiled with water until the water turns brown.Strain and drink when cool.
8. Tea and avocado good for relieving headaches, painstomach, swelling of the airways, nerve pain (neuralgia)and come in irregular menstruation.
The research data:The leaves have antibacterial activity and inhibits the growth of Staphylococcus aureus strains A and B. Staphylococcus albus, Pseudomonas sp., Proteus sp., Escherichea coli and Bacillus subtilis (EO ognulans and E. Ramstad 1975).


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