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Benefits Leaf Celery

Celery has been known since the early history of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Plants that look beautiful when planted in pots is first used as a spice in cooking. Celery was used to enrich the flavor of a dish or a broth. Bean soup and chicken porridge less complete if without a sprinkling of celery leaves in it.
These plants include vegetables are grown for purposes of treatment. Rural communities have long used celery as a medicine to lower the heat by applying collision celery to the head of a child with fever. Juice of celery that has cool properties believed to cool the head. Based on the experience of some people, the juice of celery leaves can simultaneously nourish and black hair and has no side effects.
According to the study, these plants contain: 1. Sodium which serves as a solvent to remove calcium deposits in the kidney and related joints. 2. Magnesium which serves to relieve stress. 3. Protein, sulfur, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, B1 and C. 4. Psoralen, a chemical that destroys the source of cancer-causing free radicals.
Efficacy of celery can be enjoyed by boiling a medium sized celery with a glass of water. This herb is quite taken once a day. Usefulness include hypertension, rheumatism, appendicitis, typhoid fever, poisoning, whooping cough, asthma, prostate problems, and fever. For patients with hypertension, one ounce of celery leaves with stems pounded until smooth and then pour a few tablespoons of boiled water and then filtered and drunk enough once a day.

After drinking this potion advised to rest completely for two hours.
Celery can also treat diarrhea, diabetes, epilepsy, migraine, urination containing blood, preventing stroke, improving hormonal functions, and cleans the blood. Large leafy celery juice merit increase intelligence, resolve herpes and mumps.


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