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Healthy Living Tips

hello pal. . . want to post something new but are confused about posting anything. Mending is try my post about tips for healthy suggestions alias. Body shape and the fit is always the willingness of each person, which certainly includes you too. By staying healthy, the activities we do can be run smoothly and in line with our expectations, every day we do the exact activity, interest on and to keep the body healthy too, so we do not have to spend time and cost when choosing a medication or go to the hospital . Surely better to prevent than to cure, so not true. So we should always be thankful to the deliciously healthy Almighty God to us all.

Buddy Readers health tips. Healthy size that is when we are able to keep the immune system in the disease that is always looming, such peyakit fever, flu, cough and others. Then how can we keep the immune system right so always healthy and fit every day? Here are suggestions that health Recommendations Endurance Body Keeping Fit and Healthy Always So:

1. Get plenty of rest each day, not to push yourself let alone to irregular sleep, keep your own schedule / timetable for memenejemen time optimally. Maybe it was the first to keep the body constantly Fit and Healthy. In a healthy body there is a peaceful mind and healthy too. So try to always thinkpositive for all the problems that plagued us. Try to order the brain is not overly burdened for any problems you face, if you think positive you can alleviate and resolve the issue, but if you are negative minded or you always feel overwhelmed by the problems that hit you, it will only make yourself so drop even will mnyebabkan stress.

2. Always exercise regularly, you might be able to do every morning. It aims when taking care of your body to feel Fit and Fit. In addition you will also have a strong physical / percussion power will increase. Even diseases would be very difficult to approach you.


3. Always make sure that the food you eat is already in the hygienic or clean or wash thoroughly cooked perfectly. And do not forget to clean other than food, try completely clean. Starting from the hand, around the dinner table, and others. Since cleanliness part of faith and also make us to live a healthy life.


4. Still on food, you try to do too much at dinner. Eat naturally as one serving. Given also the words "Eat before hungry and stop before satiety", essentially do not overdo it. As a result of overeating and obesity even as it led to risky diseases associated with overweight or obesity. 

5. Meet the needs of Vitamin D. Vitamin D because this function when stimulated immune cells when dispels viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D can be found in sunlight, eggs, liver and fish.



6. Fill fiber foods every day. Fibrous foods are apples, carrots and beans. The function of these fibrous foods that maintain stability in the body when bacteria attack.


So from now on, make it a habit to live healthy because healthy life starting from his own.Begin to clean themselves, and try to be better than ever and now. Fix it in the next day, make sure that tomorrow is better. One more thing we need to remember Preventing disease is better than cure when we are ill. Hopefully this little tip for all of you who have read this article.Thank you,Fajar Alif R


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  4. your're welcome. thanks for your attention and your comment. sorry I have not been able to post more health articles. I will publish the article again soon


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