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New : Golden Ways From Mario Teguh

very many words of wisdom that has been given by Mario Teguh, he has incredible motivation. Of motivation given the previous Mario Teguh, there is another motivation given. Here are 50 words of wisdom from Mario Teguh:

If we do not understand the limits, we will not achieve much in life
Life seemed to die tomorrow Learn as will live forever
The task before us was never as big as the power behind us
Make beekali good times, do not do evil even
Make beekali good times, do not do evil even
The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself
There is nothing that a state closer to human beings than willpower
Something that is not well spoken although it was still not have any meaning
Confidence is a knowledge within the heart, far beyond the reach of proof
Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work that hard for success
A wise man should have money in his head, but not his heart
We can not wait for success and therefore we should pursue
Fond memories of the past only to be remembered, not to be remembered
There are no secrets to success manggapai Success can happen because of preparation, hard work and willing to learn from failure
If we chase two rabbits, both will escape believe that
Trying to get better is to be better
Success is the result of 1% derived from 99% failures
Our knowledge is a drop of water, while our ignorance is like the ocean
People who have patience will get what you want
The greatest happiness in life is to do things that people say we can not do
Our job is to try, because in trying that we find and learn to build opportunities for success
Give love without asking for a reply and we'll see a love that much more beautiful
If we can make people laugh, then we will get all the love we want
In every inch of life, the rain must tercurahkan, day2 Sometimes it must be passed within the natural selingkup gray & grief
People who are not happy pd particular environment, but people with certain attitudes
There is always beauty within every problem, It adlh one way to learn beauty is not in the face, but the light that came out dr inly
Those who do not forgive others destroys a bridge that will be passed
Do not look at the past with regret, do not also look at the future with fear, but look around you with a full awareness
Do not discriminate against a job which one is good and which one is bad problem arises when we discriminate and favor something
In every misfortune that befall us, remember For the mirror & ask what you know about the power we can try to draw positive lessons from it
Negative thoughts are something that can make you feel pain earlier than the actual pain.
We may be able to lift its arms For someone waved farewell. Tp Can we forget about each other?
Broken hearts are often the ultimate cause of our justification as to become the most inconsequential doing though.
The fire will not be able to extinguish another fire. Just as love. If he were in the fire of anger, be able to put it out of water.
Life is not always as we want, we should be ready with any possible ill that could befall us.
Your past is over. Today is the beginning of the rest of your future. Live fully today. - Mario Teguh
Patience is indeed a full exam, if you always pass, it will be a permanent victory forever.
The difference is the same promiscuous promiscuous girlfriend Investments: Investment choose to use logic, promiscuous girlfriend ware.
Life is a journey, the journey was an experience and a learning experience
Happiness developed from the honest tears, not of force you smile. - Mario Teguh
They are talking about you behind your back because you did was in front, where great people are.
Lord, remove all hatred in my heart. Jadilanlah I'm someone who has always been able to forgive.
If a smile is a melodic soul, love is a gift from the heart, because that's what he felt when that means over.
Do not be afraid to feel disappointed that others do not appreciate your kindness.
Fear thou God disappointing because avoiding behaviors that make you GOOD PEOPLE
It's very heart wrenching watching the person you love happy with someone else.
Be careful in speaking because you do not know if there are people who misunderstand and inadvertently hurt her
Pembencimu watching even more closely than a lover, not because of love, but because of envy.
The beauty of love just landed in your heart, if you love one who loves you
Not much needs to be done to change the world. Change your thoughts, then our world will change


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